More Ideas for Dance in Schools

Publication:Glad, Åse Løvset. 2012. Dans på timeplanen. Vollen: Tell Forlag.

Author: Bert Persson


If you need inspiration, ideas for your lessons and good arguments for dance education within the school system then you should read Dans på timeplanen. It is a comprehensive handbook that contains a host of arguments on the benefits of dance education, a good survey of the basic concepts of dance and instructions on how to use them. The author Åse Løvset Glad recommends both creative and reproductive dance, as in her view, they develop different and important skills. Therefore, when she writes about dance she refers to all kinds of dance: social dance, folk dance and dance as an art form. The book includes discussion on different contexts (historical, geographical and social) and functions (magic and religious, artistic, social, cultural and pedagogic) of dance.


It likewise introduces different teaching methods with insights into their historical background. Most importantly, Dans på timeplanen offers an explanation of didactics, the meaning of didactics and how to use didactic theories when planning your lessons and teaching. In an appendix, the author describes some examples of dance classes for differently aged students, examples that can serve as inspiration for every teacher. All in all, Dans på timeplanen is a book that can serve as a guiding principle for dance education in schools and any other kind of institution promoting dance. For more skilled teachers the book provides guiding inspiration, and hopefully encourages new processes in teaching dance.



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