In 2016, I published a book in Danish ‘Koreografens blik – En performativ koreografisk metode til skabelse af en interkulturel forestilling’. This article is a short presentation of this book. The book qualifies the choreographer’s view, that is, it examines and articulates the choreographic process from idea to product. Because of my dual role as choreographer and scholar, my analysis takes practice-based research and artistic research as its points of departure. On the basis of courtship dances, I have created an intercultural dance performance entitled ‘Sommerfuglen’ (‘The Butterfly’). The performers are dancers and musicians from Tanzania, Vietnam and Denmark. Courtship dances have a ritual status in all three cultures. I analyse the translocal process of the development of an intercultural dance performance in which local Tanzanian courtship dance features are analysed. The focal point of the translocal analysis are artistic and social practices that support the dance performance. What changes occur from translocal practice and/ or dialogue? How can they be used in a global dialogue? The theories and methods used to analyse performative choreographic practice have their origins in performative anthropology, performance studies and theories of performativity.

Keywords: Intercultural, artistic research, performative product, dance and choreography.





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